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Bilateral Bonds: A Poetic Ode

24 August 2023/

In the realm of diplomacy’s dance, we find, Bilateral bonds, like threads entwined, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a visionary’s soul, Nurtures relations that make nations whole. Across horizons and oceans wide, Diplomacy’s wings effortlessly glide, Bridging cultures, forging ties, Dr. Bhat’s endeavors reach the skies. With each handshake, a bridge…

Be the Next Entrepreneur: A Journey Unveiled

24 August 2023/

In the realm of boundless dreams, take your stand, A symphony of innovation echoing through the land, With courage as your compass, and vision as your guide, Forge the path of entrepreneurship, let your spirit ride. Oh, aspiring soul, don the cloak of change, For the realm of business is…

Embrace the New: Join GRC and Thrive

24 August 2023/

In the realm where dreams take flight, Amidst horizons bathed in golden light, A chamber stands with open door, Inviting souls to explore and soar. Become a member, seize the key, Unlock the doors to destiny, The Global Rwanda Chamber’s embrace, A platform where new beginnings trace. In this global…

Resonance of Dreams: The Global Rwanda Chamber

28 June 2023/

In the heart of Africa’s embrace so warm, Where the sun kisses the land each morn, A chamber rises, a beacon of light, Guiding Rwanda into futures bright. Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a visionary soul, With dreams unbounded, he took his role, Founder of a chamber, global in its might,…

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