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Bilateral Bonds: A Poetic Ode

In the realm of diplomacy’s dance, we find,

Bilateral bonds, like threads entwined,

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a visionary’s soul,

Nurtures relations that make nations whole.


Across horizons and oceans wide,

Diplomacy’s wings effortlessly glide,

Bridging cultures, forging ties,

Dr. Bhat’s endeavors reach the skies.


With each handshake, a bridge is built,

A promise exchanged, with no guilt,

To elevate nations, to understand,

To flourish together, hand in hand.


Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a name that rings,

In corridors of power, where diplomacy sings,

A maestro orchestrating harmony’s song,

In the world’s grand stage, where nations belong.


Respect is sown, understanding reaps,

In bilateral relations, the future keeps,

A promise of unity, prosperity’s gleam,

In Dr. Bhat’s vision, it’s more than a dream.


From trade to culture, every sphere,

Bilateral bonds bring nations near,

In a tapestry woven with trust and grace,

Dr. Bhat’s legacy finds its place.


So let us raise a toast today,

To bilateral ties that pave the way,

For a world united, strong and free,

Guided by diplomacy’s symphony.


In Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat’s honorable name,

Bilateral relations burn like a flame,

A beacon of hope, a path to tread,

For a better world, where all are led.


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