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Resonance of Dreams: The Global Rwanda Chamber

In the heart of Africa’s embrace so warm,

Where the sun kisses the land each morn,

A chamber rises, a beacon of light,

Guiding Rwanda into futures bright.


Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a visionary soul,

With dreams unbounded, he took his role,

Founder of a chamber, global in its might,

To foster progress, to elevate flight.


“Welcome,” he declares, with open arms,

To all who seek knowledge, to all with aims,

The Global Rwanda Chamber stands tall,

Uniting minds, breaking down walls.


A nexus of cultures, a meeting ground,

Where ideas dance freely, unbound,

From Kigali’s hills to distant shores,

The chamber’s resonance eternally soars.


Innovation sparked like wildfire’s gleam,

Entrepreneurial spirits form a gleaming stream,

Collaboration and partnerships bloom,

In this chamber’s embrace, there’s ample room.


From tea plantations to tech’s grand sway,

Every sector finds its destined day,

Empowering youth with skills anew,

The chamber’s mission, vibrant and true.


The echoes of history, a reminder profound,

Rwanda’s resilience, a phoenix unbound,

From ashes of strife, a nation did rise,

And now, with the chamber, touch the skies.


Education’s the heartbeat, knowledge its core,

Empowering generations to explore,

With mentorship’s hand and wisdom’s embrace,

The chamber nurtures dreams, helps them chase.


Tourism’s tapestry, woven with grace,

In Rwanda’s beauty, hearts find their place,

Safaris, landscapes, the gorilla’s gaze,

The chamber beckons, come, be amazed.


But challenges linger, battles to fight,

Poverty’s shadows, barriers to light,

Yet through collaboration, they’ll be overcome,

The chamber a symphony, beating as one.


So here’s to the Global Rwanda Chamber, dear,

A vision turned reality, crystal clear,

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, your legacy gleams,

Guiding Rwanda through dreams and streams.


Welcome, world, to this chamber’s embrace,

A journey together, boundless in grace,

Rising from Rwanda’s resilient land,

Hand in hand, let’s make our stand.

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